How much compromise is necessary to be a winner in American politics? In this political satire two senatorsthe populist Becky Roberts and the elitist Les Sugarman–go head to head for the presidential nomination. When they join forces to unite their party, ideals clash, power is wrestled, and their twisted history is exposed as their Dream Ticket becomes a nightmare. 


*produced 2012 Struble Theatre

*workshopped Kenyon Playwriting Conference 2015

*Fringe NYC 2016 Excellence Award Winner

*Recommended by Time Out NY, Huffington Post, Ken Davenport's Producer's Perspective

The New Order
In this post-apocalyptic thriller, a widowed mother and daughter on a rural farm take in survivors as an act of goodness in a desolate world. All is well until the arrival of an other-worldly order of nomadic nuns. When rations run scare, the nuns begin imposing their strange doctrine on the house and when the tenants fight back, they find that their dogma is much deadlier than anticipated. 


*2014 Agnes Nixon New Play Fesitval Finalist


In the boarding school drama Third Culture Kids we enter the world of Morton Preparatory Academy in 1953, a boarding school where brotherhood cracks under the steady pressure of academic competition. After losing the school's highest honor and a much-needed scholarship to his wealthy best friend, destitute senior Soren King manipulates the anxiety of his classmates and undermines the administration to ensure his own survival.