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A recently widowed New Yorker and her son return to rural Missouri to evict her estranged sister from their childhood home. Discovering the house in disrepair and the inhabitants experimenting with occult magic, the family is forced to exorcise demons from their past.

Production History:

  • Production, Kansas City, Olathe Civic Theatre Association, 2023

  • Reading, Kansas City, Kansas City Public Theatre, 2021

  • Reading, Northwestern University, 2020



  • CoverFly RedList - #1 Horror Stage Play

  • Ashland New Play Festival (Semifinalist, 2022)

  • Austin Film Festival (Semifinalist, 2020)

  • Rave Theatre Festival (Finalist, 2020)


Two ambitious writers mine their trauma to create a masterpiece in a writing program helmed by a horror novelist, only to find themselves trapped in a twisted experiment.

Production History:

Reading, Charlotte Street Foundation, 2022


Quarterfinalist, ScreenCraft Stage Play Contest 2023


In a post-apocalyptic world, a widowed mother and daughter take in survivors to help rebuild their farm. All is well until an other-worldly order of nomadic nuns arrives seeking shelter—as the Sisters start imposing their strange doctrine on the household, the tenants fight back against a dogma that is far deadlier than expected.


Production History:

  • Production, Kansas City Theatre Festival, 2023

  • Radio Production, Oxford, Best New Play for Voices, 2021

  • Reading, New York, Corkscrew Theatre Festival, 2017



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