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In a future dystopian America run by a vast omniscient social media corporation, one computer programmer discovers a corporate coup within the government, and teams up with disgraced President Anita Backer to free citizens from corporate blackmail by taking America offline for good. 

The honorable Mister Heidi

In this gender-bending political comedy, Hugo, an antiestablishment drug dealer on the lamb, fakes his own death and disguises himself as his twin sister, Idaho Senator Heidi Hillenbrand, and runs her reelection campaign as she recovers from a procedure gone wrong.

The American President Project


After another corrupt year in politics, Miles, a struggling college grad, takes action and launches a website to elect a third-party presidential candidate. When the site blows up, a Hollywood producer contacts Miles to turn his site into an American Idol-like reality show to find America’s next presidential candidate. When Hollywood and politicians seize control of the show, Miles must fight to keep the show from becoming as corrupt as the politics he was trying to change.

*comissioned by Joel Radakovitz

*2014 reading onstage at Marriott Theatre 


Pigskin, Perchance? 

 After being duped into employment as a football coach at his hometown high school, Arthur Riddean––a disgraced New York actor in his late 30s––takes on the role of a lifetime to give the demoralized team their first taste of victory.