• Dream Ticket - In this political satire recommended by TimeOut NY, Huffington Post, and The Producer’s Perspective, populist businesswoman Becky Roberts and maverick senator Les Sugarman compete for their party's presidential nomination - despite a history that wasn't strictly political. When media pressure forces them to run on the same team, their dream ticket becomes a nightmare.

  • We Are Blood - A recently widowed New Yorker and her son return to her estranged sister's Thanksgiving in rural Missouri requesting a debt be repaid. Over the course of the visit, they uncover an unforeseen new family member, deep class resentments, and find themselves face to face with the demons that dwell among the strangers we call family.

  • The New Order - In this post-apocalyptic thriller, a widowed mother and daughter on a rural farm take in survivors as an act of goodness in a desolate world. All is well until the arrival of an other-worldly order of nomadic nuns. When rations run scare, the nuns begin imposing their strange doctrine on the house and when the tenants fight back, they find that their dogma is much deadlier than anticipated.

  • Bad Press - In this political satire, a former U.S. president recruits a national joke to run in the Democratic primary, hoping to sabotage her bland husband's competition and ensure victory. However, the media's hunger for drama has unintended consequences as the power couple attempts to harness the bad press for their own ends.

  • What Happened at Jimmy Carter's Funeral - At the funeral of President Jimmy Carter, all living presidents and first ladies gather to pay their respects until an unexpected attack forces former rivals and leaders of the free world into a confined space with nothing but bottles of wine and old grudges to hash out. 



  Off-Broadway, Players Theatre NYC 

  directed by Kristin Skye Hoffmann

"Dream Ticket brings satirical Republican politics through Ryan Bernsten’s highly focused Democratic lens to shed light on our corrupt love of candidacy drama, instead of where the focus should really be—on the American people." - Theatre is Easy

"With comedy like "Veep", drama like "Scandal" and Sorkin-esque wisdom and sensibility, Dream Ticket by Ryan Bernsten is an aptly timed political play." - Theatre in the Now


 Edinburgh Fringe Mainstage, Assembly Hall

  directed by David H. Bell

"...tackl[es] identity and what it means to be American. The themes and dialogue allow us to look back in glorious hindsight to the faults of the time, while the emphasis on the dangers of the media draws relevant parallels with present times... and is undoubtedly an excellent theatre piece." - EdfestMagazine

                 "... a moving and dramatic piece of theatre." -British Theatre Guide


 Best New Play for Voices, Oxford University

  directed by Morag Campbell and Alice Taylor

 Corkscrew Theatre Festival

  directed by Kristin Skye Hoffmann


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 First Amendment Project, Cherry Lane Theatre

  directed by Andrés López-Alicea